A Letter to Parents

Your student has many career options right here at home with one of our many regional employers. You might be asking, “Why my eighth grader should be concerned about his or her future career options this early in their education?” It is never too early for students to begin career and college exploration. Course choices that your eighth grader makes going into his or her ninth grade year can affect their future career opportunities. By attending Career Discovery and using the additional resources provided, like the Career Discovery Student Guide, we hope to aid your student in their personal career journey.

Inside the Career Discovery Student Guide, you will find information on what it takes for career success and an introduction to each of our eleven career clusters:

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Communication and Information Technology
  • Education and Training
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Public Service (Law, Police, Fire, Corrections, Military, etc.)
  • Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
  • Energy and Utilities

Not all good-paying jobs require a four-year college degree, but all require a high school diploma. We hope that through Career Discovery, this website information, and its resources, you will find tools that are helpful in guiding your student into a successful career.

Best Regards,

Career Expo Committee

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For more information:

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Chair, Career Discovery Expo
Alabama Power Company
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